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Methods Of Charity Donation

Today, there are numerous ways in which to make that donation to your favorite cause, from using your checkbook to setting up a foundation or entering your credit card number online. Your donation can be made at all price points and packaged according to your preferences, convenience, and size of your pocketbook.

Never doubt that your donation can make a difference even if it is small. Individuals made up more than 68 percent of overall charitable giving in the US during 2018, according to GivingUSA. Giving by foundations and corporations pale in comparison.

People like you keep the charitable world healthy and making a difference in all of our lives. Here are some of the ways you can give today,

Online giving is often called crowdfunding. Donors of modest means, in the aggregate, can make an enormous difference. Online giving is still not the primary way that donors give, but it is the fastest-growing method.

Use Your Checkbook

Donating to a charity by writing a check is still the most common form of philanthropy in the world. It is relatively simple and certainly direct. Some of us may have trouble even finding our checkbooks anymore, but we are still more likely to write a check to a charity than hand over our credit card to an online donation form, especially if we are giving a substantial amount. Although online giving grows more important every year, checks still work.

Join a Giving Circle

If you’ve ever belonged to a book or investment club, then you know the basics of a giving circle. Giving circles are relatively new to the philanthropic scene but have gained ground rapidly. Making your donation through a giving circle is both fun and practical.

Where to look for a giving circle? Your local community is an excellent place to start, especially when you’re looking for a smaller, neighborly type of circle. But plenty of giving circles have gone state-wide or nationally.

  • Donate Your Car, Food, or Clothing

    Donating your old car could be just the trick to get it out of your driveway and to do some good. Although there are car donation scams, you can do it in more ways than ever that benefit a great charity.

    Don’t forget about donating other things too, such as furniture, appliances, food, and clothing. Food pantries and thrift shops have more needs than ever.

     Give Your Time

    Volunteering doesn’t cost a dime, and it is the “in” thing to do these days. More volunteers than ever, in all age groups and from all backgrounds, are finding their way to causes that inspire them.

    Volunteering has changed dramatically over recent years. Now you can serve in person or digitally by becoming a virtual volunteer. You can even combine travel and volunteering.

    You can also tailor your volunteering to your interests, your lifestyle, and your available time. Volunteering is great for teens, for people looking for friends and can help you land a job. It also may just make you healthier.

    Whether you have one hour a week or one day a year to give, use our tips to help you find your perfect volunteer opportunity.