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Nubian opportunities

Given the current development after the successful attainment of the 288 acres community land in Kibra, there is an ever-increasing prospect of paradigm shift including the most urgent need of socio-economic empowerment and reintegration of the Nubian community for a peaceful co-existence to the said community land.
The Kibra environment air is filled with mixed speculations on the development and distribution of the said land. A majority of persons hopes that the development commences soon with a good deal of concerted and coordinated effort among those involved, especially considering the population pressure, and the land is located in the informal volatile area of Kibra.
Against this background, NIO is developing a long term strategy including, analyzing its focus programs and creating and strengthening new and existing partnerships and collaboration to both local structures i.e. Corporates, government and international Non – Governmental organizations and donors‟ agencies.