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Kenya Socio economic


Economic recovery is a core component of the overall transition to peace and stability; thereby human rights and governance should be addressed simultaneously, even as the country struggles to lay the foundation for a well-functioning economy with respect to the devolved systems. Equitable distribution of benefits is an assurance of consolidated peace and reduced micro and macro conflicts.by doing so, it could help to lift millions out of poverty and ensure a more equal and prosperous future for all Kenyans.
Rebuilding a healthy economy one that sustains peace requires understanding the economic sources and drivers of conflicts and the linkages among poverty, inequality and conflict.in general poverty and inequality breed conflict, whereby poverty creates the desperation that fuels conflict. This has been proven by various scholars, although it is by and large, on the average, true in the statistical sense, that violent conflict is a feature of poorer rather than richer societies, wealth can provide the means to conflict.
Therefore minorities are in dire need of positive action to improve their lot. Their situation has resulted from historical, legal and political factors. They are socially excluded; political choices remain limited by the same structures that constrain their voice in other situations. However this tends to give way to conflict of interest at various units of socio economic organizations.i.e violence, terrorism as witnessed in the recent past both globally and in Kenya. Since not all Muslims are terrorists, they are also victims as witnessed in recent Kenyan attacks; we had Muslims who also died during the attack.